The new Ben 10 Alien Force Game with title Vilgax Attacks will be released this Fall by D3Publisher. Ben 10 Alien Force : Vilgax Attacks will be available for xbox 360, Wii, PS2, Nintendo DS and PSP. The game storyline will base on the Ben 10 Alien Force TV series. You can play as players will take control of Ben and the popular alien forms: Echo Echo, Goop, Brainstorm, ChromaStone, Big Chill, Humungousaur, Spidermonkey, Swampfire, Jet Ray, and Cannonbolt to Battle against a roster of Ben’s most infamous villains and foes, including his ultimate nemesis, Viglax.
Ben 10 Alien Force : Vilgax Attacks will take players on an intergalactic journey in never-before-seen alien home worlds that is sure to please both fans of the television series and videogames.  Ben’s greatest enemy, Vilgax, has been busy assembling his own extreme team of Ben’s most fearsome foes. He has a grand scheme to take over the universe one planet at a time, culminating with the destruction of Ben’s home planet, the Earth. Now, you must use ten of Ben’s alien forms to battle against a terrifying threat that only he can stop !

Vilgax Attacks The Game

Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks Game

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